If the shoe fits...


Do you know your shoe size?

You probably did say ‘yes’, but the number given will wildly vary depending on your current location.

To bridge the gap, whenever someone starts working for Monty Smith, first thing (okay, second, the tea making ritual comes first) they must learn, is the shoe sellers times table, the size chart. 

The majority of shoes sold in our shop are made in Spain and Portugal so we get a fair share of translating sizes from European to UK and Google - or DuckDuckGo - is always there to help with more exotic size challenges.

Size found, whenever buying shoes, you MUST:

  • Try both shoes of the pair on.
  • Make sure your toe does not touch the end of the shoes, if to does, they are too small for you. 
  • Check that there isn’t a gap between the back of the shoe and your heel. If there is, the shoes are too big for you, will rub and create blisters.

Don’t worry if the shoes seem a bit tight across the bridge (the widest part of your foot), most of the time this eases out with wear.

Hopefully, this will be a beginning of always wearing perfectly fitting shoes!


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