The name is Smith. Monty Smith


The name is Smith. Monty Smith...

Hi, hallo, ciao, bonjour, zdrastvui -

I could carry on through the rest of 7000+ languages of the Earth but you probably grasped the idea already. So, as informative as it might turn out, it would also be counterproductive, and one thing Monty Smith passionately stands for is efficiency and sometimes plain contradiction as this sentence is about to reach Victor Hugo-esque lengths and it would be counterproductive to write it if it stopped you getting through the blooming sentence DOT, put a dot to it, now! Dot. 

Thank you for hanging on in there. I now know you are a patient one. 


A few notes as we begin the blogging adventure:

  • This is a blog for a shop and it would be more customary to use the royal 'we' (as there are a few of us representing Monty Smith) but we'll go for an 'I' to begin with because this shop does have a personality of it's own. 
  • It is not all going to be about shoes and belts, no. I sell hats, too. 
  • We might actually go for a 'we'. I'll see.

As for blogging itself, I must take a page out of Scarlett O'Hara's book.

I'll think about it tomorrow.

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