Heritage Brand Peregrine Clothing Arrives In Store and Online


Heritage Brand Peregrine Clothing Arrives In Store and Online.

Monty Smith is pleased to announce the arrival of heritage brand Peregrine Clothing. A wonderful collection of British made wool knitwear and waxed Jackets, available now in-store and online.

Buy British. Buy less. Buy better.

"We’re one of the oldest clothing brands still manufacturing in Britain today. And since we use predominantly local, natural materials in the production of our garments, we’re already ahead in terms of sustainability. However, as one of the world’s biggest polluters, we believe the fashion industry (and its customers) have a big part to play in protecting the planet."

"We want you to be excited about where you buy your clothes so that’s why we are a 100% made in England brand. We’re a small, family-run business who are passionate about being transparent in our materials and manufacturing process. This is so you can shop with confidence that we are doing everything we can to be a sustainable as possible."

"We work closely with British Wool to source the best fleeces for our knitwear. Different breeds mean different wool qualities. For great natural elasticity, there’s the Border Leicester. When it comes to the perfect, naturally coloured wool, our favourite is the Black Face Welsh Mountain. And if it’s strong fibres you need, you can count on the Zwartbles or Llyen. By mixing and matching, we get the perfect blend."

"Shearing keeps sheep cooler during the warmer months and reduces the chances of them becoming ‘rigged’ — in other words, stuck on their backs. It also minimises the risk of flystrike: a condition where maggots hatch in dirty areas of the fleece and eat through the skin. Many believe that mulesing (a procedure that involves removing skin from around the backside) can prevent flystrike. But in reality, it’s just brutal and cruel. We only source 100% guaranteed non-mulesed wool. We love wool. But we love the sheep that make it, more."

Projects & Promise

"We’re big believers in keeping manufacturing miles to a minimum, supporting British farmers and factory workers, and doing everything we can to curb our carbon footprint. Sustainability is a big part of what we do at Peregrine, but we know there’s always more to be done."

Becoming the UK’s first regenerative knitwear brand, grown and made in the UK

"We’re committed to supporting more nature-friendly farming. That’s why we’ll be transitioning 100% of our British wool sourcing to regenerative farming methods by 2026."

How waste wool from our factory is being used as eco-friendly insulation

"We reduce (and reknit) waste wool wherever we can. However, we’ve recently gone one step further in our efforts to re-use our offcuts and reduce our carbon footprint."

Why preserving British peatlands can help us to become net zero

"We want to do more to offset our carbon emissions. So we’re taking part in a new net zero project that’s focused on preserving peatlands in the British countryside."

Truly a British brand to be proud of!



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