Who Is Monty?


'Where's Monty today?'

'So who's a Monty then?'

'Why Monty Smith?'

If only we got a pound for every time one of those Q's come along, we'd actually BE in the sunny isle of Rhodes where the thought of a name of a shop stemmed at the foot of Monte Smith (mount Smith for those of us not fluent in Greek). 

Monte Smith was called so in honour of Royal Navy officer Sir William Sidney Smith. (Read all about his adventures in the Napoleonic wars and anti-slavery activism here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sidney_Smith_(Royal_Navy_officer))

After Agion Stefanos was christened Monte Smith in 1802, it stood there as a beacon for decades of tourists to take a scenic pilgrimage to, until sometime in 1980s Jeni and Sukhy arrived, too. 

The shop was just hatching in their hearts and it needed a name. A quick 'e' change to 'y' and the job was done, a shop was born.

Image of Monte Smith in Rhodes

The Italian/Greek/Indian/Turkish man who works in Monty Smith is not called Monty. He's also not Italian/Greek/Turkish, he's a Sikh (hope you can sense another post coming on about this).

In the light of people calling Sukhy Monty Smith, we might have found a slightly doubtful explanation to his love for Wilko, the household goods (think Woolworths) shop:


There might an unbreakable attraction between Smith and Wilko because admiral Sir William Sidney Smith's wife was wealthy merchant' daughter Mary Wilkinson! 

Very far-fetched, agreed, but you can't deny it, there is a potential here for spending retirement in sunny Rhodes cooking up ludicrous conspiracy theories...

 Excuse the ramblings, we're only human here and sometimes get carried away. Don't you ever?


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